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Description on how to use the module DbLog instead of plain files.


The module FileLog works fine. Perhaps you want to store your files in a MySQL-Database. In this case the pgm3 frontend has the ability to use this information instead of the plain logfiles from FileLog.

This is only for experienced Users. Beginners should use the FileLog (default).


  • on weak machines like the NSLU2 it is faster than file logging.
  • if fhem and pgm3 are on different machines you do not need nfs any more to get the logs.


  • install pgm3 v100312 from the CVS or from fhem-4.9
  • read the documentation about DbLog in contrib/dbLog, and commandref/DbLog, and install the module and the MySQL-Database
  • write something like "define logdb DbLog db.conf .*:.*" into your fhem.cfg and restart Fhem


At the moment every supported device except the UserDefs are supported for dbLog. You need at least pgm3 v100312 which is included in fhem-4.9.


  • install "phpmyadmin" to administrate and test your database
  • backup your database with mysqldump fhem --user=<USER> --password=<PASSWD> --add-drop-table -c > fhem.sql