PGM3 Installation and Troubleshooting

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Info green.pngDas Frontend PGM3 wurde eingestellt. Von einer weiteren Nutzung wird daher abgeraten.
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Webfrontend PGM3 -- Installation and Troubleshooting


Pgm3 is one of the webfrontends of the project FHEM. It is based on PHP. Pgm3 is a part of this project. It does not run without it. Look at for further descriptions like installing FHEM and the licenses.


pgm3 is included in the subversion of FHEM. Look at for instructions how to get the current version. pgm3 is NOT included within the function updatefhem of FHEM.


Screenshots including a short description are there:


It should be very easy to install this webfrontend!

Use the package-manager from your distribution like apt/yast and install the following packages:

-- apache2
  -- apache2-mod_php5
  -- php5-gd
  -- php5
  -- gd #>= 2.0.1, not needed with debian
  -- gnuplot

After that create a directory in the home directory of your apache. That ist normally /srv/www/htdocs or /var/www

>> mkdir /srv/www/htdocs/pgm3
  >> mkdir /var/www/pgm3

copy everything from the tree of fhem (included in the fhem-tar)

>> cp -pr fhem/webfrontends/pgm3/* /srv/www/htdocs/pgm3/
  >> cp -pr fhem/webfrontends/pgm3/* /var/www/pgm3/

Think at the rights. Everything should have the rights of your webserver. That is normally wwwrun.www or www-data.www-data

>> chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/htdocs/pgm3
  >> chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/pgm3

Start your apache with e.g.

>> /etc/init.d/apache2 start
  >> rcapache2 start

Check the ports and the paths in config.php of pgm3

Point your Browser to e.g. http://localhost/pgm3 and enjoy it :-)

After the first start you will get some pictures with error messages (only for FHT, HMS(T/TF/WD/MG) and KS300). There you can read which entry in the fhem.cfg is needed for the required logfiles (see Screenshots [1] ). You should give pgm3 own logfiles as described on the error messages. Only then you will have everytime a full window. pgm3 will cut the files as described by logrotate in the config.php.

Restart FHEM after changing the fhem.cfg. After a couple of minutes you will see the desired pictures ( see Screenshots).

Look at the other configurations in the config.php for other toys (e.g. tail).

The following devices are automatically supported: FHT, HMS100(T/TF/WD/W/MG/RM100-2), FS20, KS300, WS300, CUL_WS(S300TH). It is possible to install UserDefs, that mean that you can define every other device (or type like Ping-Tests) by yourself.


Normally there should be no problems. If something seems to be wrong then check the following:

-- Rights: Everything should have the rights of your webserver. The directory <pgm3>/tmp must be writeable by the webserver.
  -- type on the console in your working directory "php5 index.php" and "cd include;php5 fs20.php". 
   If there is a php problem or problems with graphic functions then you will get some error messages
  -- be sure to have the following entry in your /etc/php.ini:
  -- some older systems don't find the TrueTypeFonts (no pictures on screen). In this case change in the config.php the path to them (absolut).