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Control FHEM with your smartphone from everywhere


  • pgm3 since v100108. This version is included in fhem-4.9.

The Goal

Current smartphones like Android/iPhone and others have "big" screens and a good usability.

You can use pgm3 easily with your smartphone from everywhere. You can

  • see full gnuplot pictures without e.g. flash and other things which are not supported on smartphones. pgm3 uses only html and PNG.
  • fast load because you can minimize the startpage. Then you only see a nearly blank screen.
  • do a lot of other things too -- everything which is possible on PC too.

Prepare pgm3 for your smartphone

  • config.php: If you have Webcam and Google Weather then give them a room. It must be an existing room. Then you are able to hide them.
  • fhem: if not already done then create rooms for your devices. There should be a room with less devices.
  • optional: you should have access to your pgm3 over the internet. The perfect way is to have a dnsalias and something like a fritzbox. There are a lot of documentation in the WWW how to do that.

Create your optimized bookmark on smartphone

The following is the recommended way to have a perfect starting page on the smartphone:

  • Point your smartphone to the starting page of the pgm3. If you have a dnsalias and a configured fritzbox try to access the dnsalias-address over Wireless Lan.
  • Switch to the room with the less devices
  • Your webcam and Google-Weather should be hided
  • Hide everything which is not required on your future starting Page
  • Bookmark this page on your smartphone.


  • pgm3 is primary a website. This means that you have already to scroll into every direction :-)